Business Opportunities: looking Rupiahs Child Education Through Wooden Toys

Stems from his concern with the price of an expensive toy, Thamrin (39) years old man from Jakarta successfully opened a wooden educational toys children encountered at its plant in the area Paku Jaya, Serpong, South Tangerang, she admitted starting a business only with the severance of the major electronics company where he used to take shelter for a living in 2008. Armed with the severance pay, Thamrin had tested some effort. Ranging from restaurants, candle aroma therapy and production coin purse women. But luck is not on his side.

“Later that day I walk around with a child and bought toys. I also noticed this why toys can be expensive. From there I wanted to try to do business here,” he explained. Thamrin initially apply as a sales agent child educational toys made of wood. Merchandise was selling well. But there is one obstacle that stirring, ie the quality of the toys it sells. In 2009, armed with the rest of the severance money, Thamrin decided to start a business on their own toys.

At that time a capital of USD 6 million bagged to buy three machines and raw materials. At the beginning of his efforts, he was assisted by 4 workers. Thanks to hard work, now has several locations Thamrin factory. Among others in the area Paku Jaya Serpong. Later in Depok, Sukabumi and Parung Bogor. Of only 4 people, employees Thamrin now increased to 150 people who produce about 400 items of wooden toys. Didulangnya turnover was promising. approximately USD 80 million profit could go into the pockets Thamrin each month. Not enough just to get here, Thamrin hopes to continue expanding in the future again.