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Business Opportunities: looking Rupiahs Child Education Through Wooden Toys

Stems from his concern with the price of an expensive toy, Thamrin (39) years old man from Jakarta successfully opened a wooden educational toys children encountered at its plant in the area Paku Jaya, Serpong, South Tangerang, she admitted starting a business only with the severance of the major electronics company where he used to take shelter for a living in 2008. Armed with the severance pay, Thamrin had tested some effort. Ranging from restaurants, candle aroma therapy and production coin purse women. But luck is not on his side.

“Later that day I walk around with a child and bought toys. I also noticed this why toys can be expensive. From there I wanted to try to do business here,” he explained. Thamrin initially apply as a sales agent child educational toys made of wood. Merchandise was selling well. But there is one obstacle that stirring, ie the quality of the toys it sells. In 2009, armed with the rest of the severance money, Thamrin decided to start a business on their own toys.

At that time a capital of USD 6 million bagged to buy three machines and raw materials. At the beginning of his efforts, he was assisted by 4 workers. Thanks to hard work, now has several locations Thamrin factory. Among others in the area Paku Jaya Serpong. Later in Depok, Sukabumi and Parung Bogor. Of only 4 people, employees Thamrin now increased to 150 people who produce about 400 items of wooden toys. Didulangnya turnover was promising. approximately USD 80 million profit could go into the pockets Thamrin each month. Not enough just to get here, Thamrin hopes to continue expanding in the future again.

Jigsaw Puzzles Are Fun For All Ages

Jigsaw puzzles are an exciting and fun activity that you could enjoy together with your whole family. You have to assemble various bits of the puzzle until you receive a final picture. Each puzzle is exclusive and will come in various dimensions and shapes. You may choose a puzzle with respect to the theme or picture of your liking. The primary intention behind developing a puzzle is it provides the customers entertainment, which provides them a rest using their daily routine. Before you begin fixing a jigsaw puzzle you must know exactly what the options that come with the puzzle are. These puzzles require user to accomplish the puzzle and form confirmed image within the least possible duration. The amount of impossibility of the puzzle is dependent on the amount of pieces the puzzle has, and how big the puzzle. The more compact how big the pieces greater it will likely be to resolve the puzzle.

Jigsaw puzzles happen to be referred to as a great supply of entertainment for age range. With the passing of time, many people began searching at jigsaw puzzles as educational games. Studies have demonstrated that jigsaw puzzles assist in the progression of children. Parents are pleased they have found a game title that’s both entertaining and academic. It isn’t just kids who love playing jigsaw puzzles even grown ups enjoy fixing jigsaw puzzles. These puzzles pressure individuals to think realistically and evaluate every possible alternative. Fixing jigsaw puzzles likewise helps people analyse and solve their problems. The overall game is an ideal mixture of education and entertainment while offering benefits towards the gamers. They assist in enhancing the mental abilities of individuals by helping them understand and analyse the issues.

When children attempt to place the bits of puzzle together they learn how to work together. They learn how to co-ordinate which each other can help, thus creating a team sprit among children. You will find many jigsaw add-ons that help with fixing the puzzles. A few of the add-ons that might be helpful are:

Construction tray

These stand-alone construction trays can be found in different dimensions and materials. How big the tray will rely on the amount of pieces within the puzzle. Storage of construction trays is a concern, as construction trays can’t be saved with incomplete jigsaw puzzles. However, moving the tray in one spot to these guys easy.


A pad works well for storing both finished and incomplete areas of the puzzle. When you wish to obvious the puzzle, just roll the drum which comes connected to the pad. The drum keeps both put together and also the non-put together bits of the puzzle held in exactly the same position before the pad is unrolled again.

Portfolio Situation

These cases are utilized to keep your bits of jigsaw puzzle safe. These cases have separate trays for construction and storing of puzzle pieces. This guarantees that puzzles pieces don’t get lost or fall off accidentally. Customers of jigsaw puzzles also employ jigsaw add-ons for example storage cases, frames and nesting boxes to keep and employ their jigsaw puzzles.